Women Are Better Managers


The pundits will cite various reasons for this, and some may even disagree with the notion — but if we actually study what’s going on in corporate America, we will see that a basic dynamic of behavior is at play. It is evident, even, in very small children. Boys tend to want to dominate; while girls tend towards cooperation, wanting to get along with each other, and wanting to exchange understandings. This is not theory, not some new hype or vogue in management consulting, but a well demonstrated fact that corporate America can benefit from utilizing.

It seems the boys have a lot they can learn from the girls.

The first thing to analyze here, is not the difference between boys and girls, but the difference between executive and manager. We tend to think of them as being synonymous, as one and the same, but they are not. Consulting a good dictionary for their definitions, and for the definitions of their stem words, execute and manage, is very instructive. An executive is one vested with the power to act, to execute, perform. A manager is one who handles, controls, guides, conducts and directs the affairs of. In the affairs of corporate America, it is possible for an executive to actually act in isolation — he need not deal with anyone, just paperwork — but management requires the interface of human contact.

And it is here that so many men do so poorly, and women do so well. Good management requires a precise set of skills that men are often very poor at, if not utterly lacking in.

The domination game is not a game where everyone wins — there’s only one apparent “winner,” the dominator — though in truth that’s only appearance as all lose in reality, and in particular those companies lose who unwittingly allow this behavior. And domination can be extremely subtle, polite but just as damaging.

The exchanged understandings game, on the other hand, is a game where everyone can win (everyone who is honest, that is) — and those organizations who foster this dynamic in inter-personal relations win big time.

So, how do we implement this pearl of wisdom? The first thing to do is to recognize it is not all in our genes! (Though some pundits will disagree with that point as well.) The second thing to do is to recognize there are two aspects to it: the male aspect and the female aspect; and each are approached differently.

The fact is, we adopt certain behavior patterns because we think they are right, survival, beneficial to us; and this is why mere education and attempts at behavior modification fail to resolve the situation.

Men have a lot they can learn from women, but it takes a precise process of enlightenment for it to occur; for there are none so blind as the dominator, as he has to not see the consequences of his behavior in order to continue it. He has to ignore and blind himself to the consequences of his actions.

Women have a lot they can learn from the men, but their reciprocal behavior to the dominance game played by the men has left them in need of a proper validation of their natural powers and abilities, a need for a knowing way of dealing with the dynamics of male-female behavior in work interaction, and a need for a way to express and use their natural talents on a par with the men.

Ability Consultants, Inc., employs a precise series of enlightenment drills and reading materials that strip away the underlying precepts and paradigms that determine unwitting and automatic behavior dynamics. We restore to the individual the power to act knowingly and with full ability and volition in his or her inter-personal relations — the ability to think completely, to act with precision and power, and to appreciate and realize empathy and shared understanding. And this is something that both men and women can benefit from. And the bonus we deliver is that our graduates become brilliant and effective communicators!