A Breakthrough In The Art And Science Of Performance and Management

There is now precise science available with which to address why individuals fail to utilize all their natural, basic abilities — and with this knowledge, we are able to restore the integrity of our clients’ talents and powers.

It has two parts: a) the elimination of impediments and barriers to the client’s full and successful use of his or her abilities, and b) perhaps most important, the EXPANSION of the client’s abilities and an increase in the accuracy and power with which they can be utilized, just as we do with champion athletes. These are two distinct actions: a) removal of impediments, and b) expansion and empowerment of ability.

As with individuals, there is also precise science behind why groups, teams or organizations work correctly or well. It is based upon certain exact understandings of the phenomena associated with our basic human abilities, intentions, envisioning, wants, and methods of achieving outcomes and results.

The technology that stems from this knowledge is a breakthrough in the art and science of performance management, and of group dynamics — for it is violations of these principles that interfere with any individual’s effectiveness, or the productivity of any team or organizational group, even among organizational teams that have gone through “team building training” and apply those criteria.

We are all gifted with a certain quantum of natural abilities. These abilities are enhanced either by learning or by correct application of exercise-like strengthening processes.

Conversely, these abilities are made ineffective, wasted, or even dangerous by misdirection or erroneous use through operation based on false data and inapplicable precepts or paradigms. They are nullified and reduced by counter-creations, blockages, avoidance of use, and the spiritual non-presence of the person who owns them.

Ability Consultants, Inc., works with clients on the learning and ability strengthening factors, as well as in helping clients reveal the false data, limiting, or erroneous paradigms and ability impediments that are typically present, so they can be corrected.

Many an elite athlete is stunned to learn the un-inspected causes of inability to perform during development years or of performance decline once a peak is reached.