How ACI Is Different

We are often asked this question by prospective clients who are trying to differentiate us from the standard parade of personal coaches, efficiency consultants, and organizational psychologists they are familiar with.

The answer is this — Ability Consultants, Inc., addresses and expands the basic and natural abilities of individuals and organizational teams so they can more powerfully and accurately perform.

We directly address the individual’s true, basic abilities and enhance them; making them more available, more powerful, more precisely understood and directed. This results in a more exact, more powerful, more productive individual who is a better team member.

We don’t merely offer jargon talk, platitudes, conventional wisdoms, or superficial tools; or try to tell you what to think (though we will tell you how better to think). We expand ability and the power to performance. No other consultants in any similar field do this.

So confident are we of our results after three decades of achievements, we guarantee our work in writing, and if any client is not entirely satisfied they have achieved what was promised from any counseling or assignment they may have a refund of fees.

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