Benefits For Organizations & Teams

Even for teams that have been properly trained by team-building exercises to set correct objectives, establish individual member functions (so that their input is coordinated), and have established workable meeting procedures along with proper acknowledgments/rewards for performance; you and your corporate teams will still mightily benefit from the following:

  • The elimination of restrictive “corporate cultures” that inhibit the free exchange needed to have optimally performing, winning teams.
  • The elimination of team negating practices among members such as: the urge of some to appear to be smarter than others; individuals making themselves right at the expense of actual reality or truth; individuals causing others to feel invalid; domination plays; communication interruption and/or dispersal; individuals communicating their confusions instead of concise to-the-point facts and data; time-wasting irrelevancies, and such.
  • Team members able to communicate, with clarity, what the team needs to know, rather than the team being worn down with time wasting by individuals communicating only to clarify in their own minds or because they erroneously think “they have to contribute”.
  • Establishment of the ability to both receive and give honest, open and concise communication of valid perceptions and evaluations of the facts and issues relevant to the accomplishment of team objectives.
  • Establishment of a “work-with” basis of cooperation among team members versus one-upmanship, hidden conflict and counter-intentions; appreciation that all contribution is valuable; recognition of differences without disagreement; and development of the ability to clearly recognize relative importance — seeing the important as important and recognizing the unimportant as relatively unimportant.
  • The establishment of properly functioning organizational relationships where team members correctly relate and provide each other with what is truly needed and wanted so the organization prospers.
  • The establishment of correct and complete operational plans that address the correct targets, provide the correct resources, and the needed information flow to ensure long term prosperity and expansion.

Benefits for Individuals

Benefits for Executives